Hollow Knight – New Account + Warranty (Region Free)

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After payment, you will receive a 100% working account with the game Hollow Knight, you will be the first owner of this account, there will be no play hours, refunds and problems, since the accounts are registered by us personally and are transferred to one person.
By purchasing our product you can be sure that you will receive a Steam account:
– Without regional restrictions (Steam Region Free; Global account; Worldwide)
– The phone is not tied.
– Mail is confirmed, you can change to your own. (Mail included!)
-Steam Guard -OFF
All accounts are registered by us and the games were bought manually. No returns or replacements can be made because we are confident in our product. Unlike many offers on the market, we do not sell accounts of dubious origin, only personal ones.
About the game:
Hollow Knight is a “metroidvania” in which players take on the role of the mysterious Hollow Knight, whose path lies in the depths of the ancient kingdom of Hallownest. Traveling through the ruins of the kingdom, players learn more about the past of these lands, fight against numerous and extremely dangerous opponents, and also improve their fighting skills.


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